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Photos by Peter Oram
The Bombe was used to find the Enigma daily keys.
Another shot of the Bombe.
Tony Sale's Colossus rebuild project at BP
Peter operating the M3 Enigma.
Peter Oram
The following three photos, #5, #6, #7, are of the
"65ste Nachrichten Abteilung" exhibit.
A special room called "65ste Nachrichten Abteilung" exhibit shows typical German officers wearing the 'Feldgrau' of the Army 'Heer'.
Heer room 1
"65ste Nachrichten Abteilung" from another angle.
Peter reports that the German officers seem grouchy. But one German officer was pleasant.
Heer room 1
The last photo of the "65th Nachrichten Abteilung" shows yet another angle of the exhibit. Peter reports that an important aspect of this exhibit are the real people who wear the uniforms and man the exhibit. This gives it a real feel.

Heer room
Kriegsmarine M4 Enigma exhibit.
M4 Enigma
An M3 Enigma.
M3 Enigma
An Army / Airforce 3 wheel Enigma.
Enigma A/F

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