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German Luftwaffe InfraRed_Targeting,
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Note: I am building ONE M4 Replica.
So far I have spent 16 years working on it ...
and it is no where near complete.
Do not ask if I have any for sale.
I do not have any machines for sale!


Enigma Lamps, for sale by the box
Limited quantities, order yours now.

Provided by Glen Miranker:

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Diving for the Enigma
The WWII German submarine U-85
yields great historical discoveries.

Diver Roger Hunting shows artifacts of U-85 off the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Roger and
his group retrieved Enigma M2946 which is now on display at the
Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras North Carolina .

Many dives were made by Roger Hunting
, Rich Hunting and Jim Bunch to retrieve some of the most spectacular artifacts. The greatest of these is the M2946.

New! Diver Jim Bunch shows 88mm shell and other items. Author and Diver Jim Bunch, with over 500 logged dives on the U-85 tells the story of the U-85 from the boat, crew, and war cruises to its sinking by the USS Roper and from the first dives made on the U-85 to the remarkable recovery of some fantastic artifacts including Enigma machines in 2001!
. Jim's book: A Shadow in the Sea: Diving the U-85

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
: Hatteras North Carolina!

Curator Joe Schwartzer and Jim Oram
evaluate the M2946 Rotor Section.

See the many artifacts on display
including close photos of the M2946 Enigma.
Under additions
Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
: Hatteras North Carolina!

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
: Hatteras North Carolina!

Available: Reproduction Rotor Covers for Army and GAF - 3 Wheel Machines .

Available are reproduction Spring loaded Rotor Cover Hold-Downs.
Sold as a set of two.

Now available, hard to find, 6mm x .75mm pitch
Nuts for Steckerbrett.
$0.40 cents each

Jim's e-mail address:Jim at enigma-replica.

NSA-NCM Cryptologic History Symposium Photos .

John Staaland's Enigma Batterie, date stamped 1943.

1943 Enigma Batterie.